Mobilio Condos for sale in Vaughan, Mobilio is a new condo project townhomes and preconstruction by Menkes & QuadReal on Hwy 7 & Jane St, Vaughan, ON,Canada. The best of Vaughan – now introducing Mobilio Condos The perfect combination of convenience, community, and connectivity! Mobilio Condos are situated within the Vaughan Metropolitan Center. These Vaughan condos are the perfect investment opportunity as we kick off with PHASE I, that offers unequaled value to every buyer. Register for VIP Access.

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Vaughan Condos comprises of thoughtfully designed community that has a complete balance of high-rise condo towers, townhomes, and green areas. You’ll also find multiple amenities to fulfill the need of all residents. Whatever you are looking for in a condo or townhome, you’ll definitely find in when you settle for Mobilio Condos. Critically being acclaimed the Condo Investment project of 2019 by investors across the board.

Friendly Environment

If you are looking for a place that feels like home in terms of routine and lifestyle, this is the place to be. You’ll not only enjoy world-class restaurants and shopping centers, but you’ll also enjoy living in a welcoming community. A pedestrian-friendly environment where you’ll take a walk without fearing for your life!

Growing City

At Mobilio Condos in Vaughan, you’ll never have difficulties in getting around. The transportation is seamless and very connected with the growing city. Whether you want to use your personal car or public means, there are provisions to make this possible. Major highways and subways connect Vaughan to the greater Toronto and this makes it a convenient place to live. In less than 20 minutes, you’ll be able to move from Mobilio Condos to Toronto’s International Airport!

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Key Selling Features

The Best in Connectivity.

Mobilio Condos are strategically located near VMC’s TTC Subway Station, a transit hub that services Viva, YRT, and Zum transit systems. This will also provide a connection to neighboring cities like Richmond Hill, Brampton, and Markham.

You will also be able to easily access Go Transit that provides regional transit services to every part of Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. If you wish to use your private car from Mobilio Condos, you’ll conveniently access HWY 7, 400, and 407.

Lifestyle Amenities.

Being a thriving urban center, Vaughan Metropolitan Centre has diverse lifestyle amenities to meet the varying needs of its residents. One will easily access popular shopping centers such as Vaughan Mills and Yorkdale.

Mobilio Condos are part of a thriving legacy of well-constructed establishments that provide unequaled comfort and luxury. To complement this excellence aura, you’ll find busy shops in the vicinity that are quite convenient for the residents.

Whenever you need to eat out, there are adult-friendly and family-oriented dining centers. Among the most popular are Jack Astors, Chop Steakhouse & Bar, and Moxies. Gym lovers have also not been left behind as there are fitness facilities such as GoodLife Fitness and YMCA.

If you are a jet-setter, you’ll get to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport via Hwy 407 in 20 minutes.

Education and Accessibility.

If you have a growing family, Mobilio Condos are a perfect choice for you. Your children will easily access the best elementary and secondary education centers either by foot or via city transit.

Due to the ease of accessing York University from Mobilio Condo in Vaughan, there is an increase in home buying interest in VMC. Students will get to the university in 7 minutes via the subway ride unlike in the past where a bus ride took 40 minutes.

Over 60% of the riders in Finch West Subway Extension use the Campus-centric stations. The students and professors alike have made Vaughan Condos as their first choice when searching for a convenient place to live.


Vaughan Metropolitan Centre prides itself in sprawling developments such as commercial establishments, retail outlets, hotels, and convention centers. With more developments still coming up, you can never miss an employment opportunity.

The presence of York University provides a ground where one can establish a business that meets the students’ needs. In addition, Mobilio Condos will lead to an increase in population which will also be a viable market for your business. All you need is to take advantage of these developments and you’ll be smiling all the way to the bank!

Connection to Nature.

In addition to ensuring that the residents connect to transits and highways, Mobilio Condos brings a close connection to nature. You will experience a perfect balance as a relief from your busy life in the multiple parks and green spaces. Here, you’ll enjoy a personal space to reconnect with yourself and your family as well.

Mobilio Condos are not only pedestrian-friendly but also provide an amazing assortment of townhomes and condo towers. You will love the attractive outdoor space that includes parks, walking paths, and amazing play areas that are family-friendly.

Master-Planned Community.

Menkes and QuadReal have thoughtfully designed Mobilio Condos to provide an excellent balance of high-rise condo towers, green spaces, and townhomes. You’ll also access other amenities that will fulfill the needs and desires you had when buying our Vaughan Condos.

Mobilio Condos in Vaughan is built at the heart of VMC urban center where you’ll access multiple transit and highways. Our Mobilio Condos for sale will allow you to enjoy a downtown living convenience with a touch of a suburban lifestyle.

Award Winning Developer.

This here makes all the difference. When investing in pre-construction condos it’s absolutely vital to ensure that there is a reliable team of developers that are working behind the project. Mobilio Condos is a joint investment of Menkes and QuadReal. Menkes is among the most reputable names in Toronto’s marketplace with an experience of over 60 years. The company has completed multiple projects that include Four Seasons Hotel & Residences in Yorkville, Harbour Plaza/ One York in South Core District, and Empress Walk in North York City Center.

Being among the biggest private developers in Canada, Menkes is a multi-disciplinary and a fully-integrated real estate company. It engages in residential and commercial/retail development with in-house design, customer support, construction, and property management teams.

QuadReal was set up to assist in managing British Columbia’s real estate program (BCI), which is among Canada’s largest asset managers with a $415.6 portfolio. The company’s objective is to enhance prudent growth and high investment returns. QuadReal also has a responsibility to come up with a sustainable development that adds value to the community it serves. QuadReal has an investment worth $27.4 billion in 23 global cities across 17 countries.

Both Menkes and QuadReal have what it takes to deliver this exciting and innovative Mobilio condos vision.

Mobilio Condos

Mobilio Condos Highlights.

When buying one of our Mobilio Condos, here are some of the highlights that make this the perfect choice for you:

●Strategic location near Vaughan Metropolitan Center TTC Subway Station.
●Close to elementary, secondary, and universities.
●Proximity to major shopping malls, restaurants, and entertainment centers.
●The Condos are near Belairway Park and Joey Pennetta Park, among others.
●Convenience in accessing Highways 7, 400, and 407.
●Ease of access to GO Transit.

Mobilio Condos In Vaughan Location.

Mobilio Condos are minutes away from Vaughan Metropolitan Center where you’ll enjoy loads of lifestyle amenities. Within a walking distance, you’ll access Vaughan Mills, Yorkdale, and other reputable shopping centers for all your shopping needs.

Vaughan Metropolitan Center is home to classy restaurants that you can access at your convenience. Whether you are looking for a quiet place or a restaurant where you’ll dance the night away, there is a place for you! There are also multiple golf clubs such as The National Golf Club of Canada and Richmond Hill Golf Club.

Are you a fitness guru? We have you sorted as well! There are multiple fitness facilities like GoodLife Fitness where you can train at your convenience. The fitness center is within a walking distance from Vaughan Condos.

When living in Mobilio Condos in Vaughan, planning an event will never be a problem. There are multiple event venues as well as convention centers you can access with ease. The best part? They are just a walking distance from Mobilio Condos.

Traveling to any location will never be a problem as you’ll easily access main highways and a subway. Whether you’ll prefer using public transport or your private car, you’ll never get disappointed.

Worried about relaxation parks?

This is catered for as well! Within a short drive, you’ll access Vast Green spaces such as Body Conservation Park and Black Creek Park. There is also Kortright Center for Conservation within a short drive from Mobilio Condos.

Whenever you want some entertainment, Canada’s Wonderland and reptilian Zoo are just close by. With all these amenities, you’ll never have a dull moment in Vaughan Condos. It is a place where convenience and community connect!

Your children’s education is catered for as well! Mobilio Condos are near York University and other reputable schools. You will love every moment you spend in Vaughan Condos!

Mobilio Project Details.

Mobilio Condos is a 2-towered condo townhome community where you’ll easily access green space, townhomes, and multiple amenities. The condos are in a pedestrian-friendly area where there is a green space, parks, walking path, and friendly play areas.

Mobilio Condo towers are 20 and 21 storeys and have 550 condo units in total will be anchored on podiums. They will be anchored on podiums that will be between 2 and 6 storeys. You’ll love the contemporary façade that has a unique block design.

At Mobilio, you’ll find pedestrian-friendly condos towers and townhomes. There are also multiple parks, walking paths and friendly play areas.

We expect to include ultra-modern interiors that include a large floor, modern ceiling, and classy windows. As a resident of Mobilio Condos in Vaughan, you’ll enjoy multiple amenities that will make your life more luxurious.

Mobilio Condo Builder.

Mobilio Condos is a joint investment by Menkes and QuadReal. Menkes, which is among the most reputable names in the Toronto real estate market, has an experience of over 60 years. Among its development projects are Four Seasons Hotel & Residences in Yorkville, Harbour Plaza/ One York in South Core District, and Empress Walk in North York City Center.

Menkes is a fully integrated, real estate company that deals specializing in residential and commercial developments. The company has raised the standard in providing unique quality designs and high value.

Quadreal was set up to oversee the British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCI) real estate program which has a portfolio of $145.6 billion. The company is focused on bringing value, prudent growth, and outstanding investment returns to the people it serves. Quadreal has an operation portfolio worth $27.4 billion in 23 global cities.

Both Menkes and Quadreal have what it takes to bring forth the amazing and innovative Mobilio Condos for sale.

Mobilio Condos Neighborhood.

Mobilio Condos are close to multiple amenities including popular stores such as IKEA Vaughan and Costco Wholesale, among others. There are other shopping malls that are a short ride away like Vaughan Mills Shopping Mall, Hillcrest, Centerpoint MLL, and Promenade.

Whenever you need to eat out, restaurants are within a walking distance and others within a short drive. After eating out, you’ll get entertained at Cineplex Cinemas Vaughan located near Metropolitan Center Supermarket.

Mobilio Condos for sale are near vast greenspaces, golf clubs, entertainment parks, and conservation parks. A short straight drive from Vaughan condos is Canada’s Wonderland where you’ll get immeasurable entertainment.

Your transportation is catered for as the condos are near major highways which make this a perfect place to live./p>

Mobilio Transit Options.

Mobilio condos are near the Vaughan Metropolitan Center TTC Subway Station, a transit hub serviced by Viva, YRT, and Zum. You’ll also easily access Go Transit, a regional transport service provider in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton areas.

The condos are close to Highways 7, 400, and 407 which makes it easier to use private transport when traveling. When going to York University, you’ll arrive in 7 minutes using the Finch West Subway Extension to VMC.

Getting to Toronto Pearson International Airport through Hwy 407 is possible in less than 20 minutes. You will conveniently access nearby areas using major streets such as Steeles Avenue, Credistone Road, and Jane Street. With the ease of access to many rapid transit and main highways, traveling to and from Mobilia Condos has never been easier!

Mobilio Floorplan & Pricelist.

Considering Mobilio Condos will garner lots of interest from investors, the project is not open to public. Condo purchases can only be done through VIP brokers that have exclusive access to the project.

CondoGen has been working on pre-construction condos since the buzz began and has been selected as a VIP broker for this project. You can register below to be at the forefront of receiving a floor plan and a price list in the VIP phase.

Wondering how you’ll reserve a suite? All you need is to review the condo’s floor plans and their prices, which we will be getting first-hand access to. When you find something that interests you, we will ensure that we work with the developer to help you purchase the condo! This is not an investment to miss out on. Give us a call or fill out the form below and we will help you throughout your purchase journey.

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At Mobilio Condos, you’ll get all you’ve ever wished for in a condo. Great amenities, free access to entertainment joints, reliable transportation, and an amazing walkscore. Everything you’ll ever need to live comfortably is within a walking distance or a short drive away. However, to make it even better, you’ll enjoy living in beautifully designed condos engineered by the best in Toronto’s marketplace.

Mobilio Condos in Vaughan is simply an extension of your home, lifestyle, and your daily routine. A space surrounded by the best restaurants, amazing retail experiences, and the friendliest community makes this a worthy investment.
Do not miss your chance of owning a piece of the master planned community where you’ll freely connect with nature.  A place where you’ll enjoy ultimate connectivity, access lifestyle amenities, and take your children to the best schools.

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